About Us

Al-Hijrah College is a co-educational; gender segregated full boarding secondary school.

Al-Hijrah College admit suitably qualified children into all the three Junior Secondary School Classes (JSS1, JSS2, and JSS3) as well as the first two years of the Senior Secondary School (SSS1 and SSS2).

We also admit qualified children into our Pre – Secondary class. This is a one-year program for children who have to complete one final year of primary education before commencing secondary school.

While we hope the students will proceed to our JSS1 upon completion of the program, we offer the students all they need to excel in entrance examinations of any top secondary school in the country. In addition, the students also take Arabic Language, Islamic Studies as well as Qur’an Memorization.

Our Determination
Al- Hijrah College is determined to put an end to the common compromise Muslim parents do make in their yearning for ideal education for their children. Al-Hijrah College would establish the achievability of highest academic excellence without compromise to Islam in Nigeria.

Al-Hijrah College is a boarding School established to fulfill the following, insha Allah:

1. Competency to take on SS3 Examinations in chosen subjects
2. A good knowledge and understanding of Islam including Memorization of the Qur’an
3. Fluency in Arabic Language and
4. Leadership & Accountability habits
5. Competency in at least one chosen skill to commercial levels
6. Ability to transfer knowledge and
7. Self defense skills and an aptitude for self fitness

Al-Hijrah College has full boarding facilities and would compete favourably with the best schools in Nigeria insha Allah.

Al-Hijrah College believes that highest academic excellence in consonance with Islam is possible.