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It is with great pain that we acknowledge the dearth of Islamic Secondary School of high standard in Nigeria.  It is no wonder then that many Muslim parents compromise by sending their children to non-Islamic schools in order to expose their wards to standard of education not available in existing Islamic Schools.

This exposes their wards to un-Islamic religious indoctrination and practices.   Above all, this act undermines Islam not only in the homes of these parents but also in our society at large.

Al-Hijrah College is aimed at putting an end to this compromise Muslim parents are forced to make. The college is specifically targeted at Muslims, blessed by Allah with requisite financial resources and is desirous of the best education for their children without undermining their faith.

Al-Hijrah College is a co-educational; gender segregated full boarding secondary school set in the serene environment of Alapako village at KM 32 along Lagos-Ibadan expressway, in Ogun State.
  • Competency to take on SS3 Examinations in chosen subjects
  • A good knowledge of Islam including Memorization of the Qur’an
  • Fluency in Arabic Language and leadership & Accountability habits
  • Competency in at least one chosen skill to commercial levels
  • Ability to transfer knowledge and an aptitude for self fitness.
Admission is currently in progress. Available Classes:Pre-Secondary,JSS1,JSS2,JSS3 and SSS1.
To Apply, please click here